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Learn The Five Most Reliable Sales Strategies I know

The Five Most Reliable Sales Strategies I know

By: Dan Kennedy on: September 13th, 2014 No Comments
Selling is largely a science, meaning that doing precisely the same presentation x-number of times will predictably produce y-number of results.  There are proven, fundamental formulas for selling.  When you go into a “persuasion situation” of ANY kind, it is just plain dumb to “wing it”.  If you haven’t made a study of selling strategies and sales formulas, you should.  Here are five of the most reliable sales strategies I know:1. BIG Guarantee - Nearly 30 years ago, I create the “free eyeglasses replacement” guarantee fora  small chain of stores, producing their most successful advertising campaign in their history.  The strategy was quickly picked up by Pearl.  You should never underestimate the power of a guarantee.

Tom Monaghan built his fortune and company on his USP “…in 30 minutes or less.”  I recently saw a billboard that advertised “Divorces in 30 Days or Less”

Lee Iaccoca introduced the 7 year/70,000 Mile Warranty to a shocked auto industry and successfully persuaded a turned-off public to reconsider and start buying Chrysler products when he said: “If you want to know who builds them better, take a look at who guarantees them longer.”  More recently Hyundai reintroduced themselves to the American quality-conscious public with their 10 year/100,000 Mile Warranty.

2. Something For Nothing – I’ll bet some of the richest women in the world go to the cosmetics counter to get the free this or that with their cosmetic purchase.  I once saw a commercial for a $50,000 car (expensive at the time) with which you got a free Coach leather “carriage bag”.

Rich, Harvard grads buy lottery tickets too.  Japanese millionaires choose which Vegas casino they’ll lose a ton of money in based on the freebies they get. NO ONE is immune to the lure of “something for nothing.”  In a No B.S. Marketing Letter, I reported on a consumer survey re. advertising where a whopping 73% of the consumers said “freebies” pique their interest in trying a new or different product, more so than anything else!

3. Apples To Oranges Comparisons - The last thing you want is a straight forward apples-to-apples comparison; you want to create your own “unfair advantage”. Egs…

  • Cost of a software package vs. x-hours’ of an accountant’s or lawyer’s time.
  • Cost of a physical or digital course vs. cost of a live seminar, plus travel to get there, plus hotel, plus food, plus time away from the business, family etc…
  • Cost of a monthly nutrition program vs. cost of a Starbucks coffee and doughnut each day.

4. Membership/Belonging – A significant percentage of people are “belongers” – they value membership and association, so the smart marketer finds a way to offer that benefit to that segment of their clientele.

Very few people go to Starbucks simply because of the coffee.  Some go because it’s convenience or it’s consistency, but the vast majority also go because of the positive associations Starbucks has created in their mind.  The best selling Coach and Louis Vuitton are the ones with their trademarked “C” or “LV” prominently displayed on the outside.  All three of these companies understand peoples need to “belong.”

The “inner circle” or “membership” is also an effective way to package goods or services together and sell a combination of services that would otherwise be difficult to sell separately.  You also automatically set up future renewable income.

Finally, it is a way to bond (bind) customers to you for prescribed periods of time and communicate with them in a more effective way.

5. Takeaway Selling - We are perverse; we want most what we cannot have and are often least appreciative of or interested in that which is easily accessible.  You see this working in many different ways.  In my business of speaking and consulting it is axiomatic that you must live at least 300 miles away to be considered an expert…speakers who move to a city hoping to capture convention business are usually disappointed, because nobody wants to hire “the local guy”.  There is the old Groucho Marx line, “I refuse to belong to any club that would have me as a member.”  And mine: nobody lines up to seek advice from the wise man at the bottom of the mountain.

I have significantly increased demand for my services, my fees, my income, and recognition of my expertise in the past five years, since getting VERY serious about “takeaway selling.”

It is my belief that “takeaway selling” should be in most sales pitches.

Even more powerful than these five strategies is…STRUCTURE.

Structure is very important in sales and copywriting.  People need to be sold in an orderly, organized, momentum-building manner.  There are certain “structures” that are very reliable, so why invent from scratch?

I strongly suggest using one or a combination of the formulas below EVERY time you create a sales presentation or advertising piece.

  1. Problem – Agitate – Solve
  2. Attention – Interest – Desire – Action
  3. “I predict…”
  4. Shocking Facts
  5. Guarantee First

In my course “Sales and Persuasion” I reveal how to use the most effective formulas in know in your sales presentations and marketing pieces.  This weekend GKIC is offering this course with a very significant one-time bonus that EVERYONE who relies on sales to get the money and life they want should click here now.

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Aug 02

9 Common Characteristic of an Internet Millionaire

1. Blame vs Learn
2. Decisive- Actions
3. Trust Gut- Trust Inturition
4. Be single focused
5. Be Marketing Focused
6. Be Education Focused
7. Not Afraid to make a mistake- received feedback.
8. Model and Swipe
9. Build a Team “Success Team support.

Internet millionaire

Internet millionaire

Aug 02

The 6 step Formula To Creating Your First Million On The Internet.

Okay here I will outline the six simple steps that anyone can take an make a million dollars online.
1. Identifty a Market
2. Create Content
3. Build lead generation system
4. Drive Traffic
5. Send Email
6. Cash Checks

Top 5 Money Making Niche Online.
1. Real Estate Investing
2. Weigh Loss
3. Network Marketing
4. Wealth Building
5. Internet Marketing

Aug 01

Twelve Affirmations To Live By

1. Always have a positive self image of yourself.
2. Believe in yourself.
3. Make sure to define your purpose for living.
4. I Think Positively with understanding and faith.
5. See my purpose clearly in my mind.
6. Focus on the positive.
7. Have confidence and courage.
8. Take control of your mind body and emotions.
9. Take action now.
10. Create a plan for your success.
11. Persist with unmovable faith in your own ability.
12. Create your plan and produce the result that you want.

Aug 01

21 Traffic Tactics

1. MySpace Traffic
2. Youtube traffic
3. ebay traffic
4. social networking traffic
5. article traffic
6. socrial shopping traffic
7. blog traffic
8. forum traffic
9. joint venture traffic
10. facebook traffic
11. Social Bookmarking Traffic
12. Press Release traffic
13. Search engine traffic
14. Pay Per Click traffic
15. Banner traffic
16. Classified ad traffic
17. Ezine traffic
18. Squidoo traffic
19. Podcast traffic
20. Directory traffic
21. Craigslist traffic

Aug 01

Here is a List of Google Places Local Citation Sites

Here is a list of sites that Google Local considers a reputable source when gathering citation counts. So make sure that you get listed in these directory now. This is one of the best ways to rank your site for local keywords. So make sure that you get listed now.
Angies List

May 28

Producer Vs Consumer

Producer Vs Consumer

Producer Vs Consumer

The Different between Producer vs Consumer. What it really takes to make money online. You see I get asked all the time, Moe what’s the fastest way to make money online? What’s the fastest way to build a list of buyers? What’s the fastest way to sell affiliate products? The answer is all the same for me, (and all the guru’s you know) that is creating your on information products. Having your own brand of products in the marketplace. You see selling your own information products give you an advantage in the marketplace. With your very own product, you can give it way for free to collect leads. You can sell it to generated some income. You can get joint venture partner to build a relationship with, who will promote for you, for greater profit.

Now I know that some of you make think that it’s a very hard task to create your very own information product. It’s easier than you think. We all have some type of special knowledge that others will find valuable. If you find a topic that you interested in you can always model after other people.

One of the best way to get your own product up online and be ready to sell within the next couple of hours is called PLR or MRR Products. Which stand for Private label Rights and Master Resell Rights. Now Private label Rights mean you can resell the product that you buy and Master Resell Rights mean you can sell the right to the product that you buy. This is the fastest way that you can have you a product up online ready to sell and bring you in some income or simply build your list.

Now You may be asking where will I find some some Private label or Master label rights products? Well have no fear I have a solution for you also. Here is a site (Ebook Deals) You can go and get over 250 ebooks that you can sell for yourself and keep 100% of the money or you can give it way for free to build your list. Once again the site is Ebook Deals.

May 28

100k Joint Venture

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

May 23

How to Make $208 dollars a day using Master Resell Rights Products

Author: Maurice

In this article what we will be talking about is how to make at least $208 dollars a day using master resell rights products.

Fist we need to explain exactly what is a master resell right product.  Master resell right products are rights include permission to pass on resell rights to customers. Sometimes it is also permitted to pass on master resell rights to customers under master resell rights.

Most eBooks and pieces of software are sold without any right to pass on the product to other people, but, especially in the field of online or Internet Marketing; some are sold with resell rights included. It is necessary to distinguish between normal resell rights and master resell rights.

Most resale rights packages do not allow alteration any of content or any change in the information. The conditions and disclaimers should make this clear. To change the content, it is necessary to contact the author and request a partnership or buy the editing rights to the product.

Not every country has resell rights products in their language; for example, Taiwan did not have resell rights to eBook or products until 2011.

When you resell physical products such as DVD’s, books or cars, you need to buy each product you are reselling. If you sell ten cars then you would have to buy ten cars first. With MRR products you just need to buy that product once. When you sell a digital product, what you are reselling is a download of the product; or if you will, a copy. This may sound a bit illegal but it is not. The product’s license allows you do this.

Now that you have a better understanding what exactly is a master resell right product, now let’s talk about putting some money in your pocket with the product. One of the best ways to make money quickly is to sell the product out right.  You just take the product you just purchase and you turn around and sell it, putting your name on it.

Another way to make money from this product is to put some affiliate links through out the book. Now some of the product owner that you purchase the eBook from will earn affiliate from the links that they have placed in the book.

Selling resell rights, you can choose to sell the resell rights to your product separately.  If you go this route, the price of the product can cost up to 5 times the normal price of a product.

What we did for you was put together a power pack of eBooks and software that you can turn around and sell for an unheard of price. To learn more check out Master Resell Power Pack.

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